Chapter 13

“Ow! What was that for, whoever you are?” Graham said.

“Wait, where did this come from then?”

Daniel pointed towards his cheek and it looked like a sticker was attached to it. It had tiny letters on the top of it.

“Let me get my magnifying glass.”

When Jackson got his magnifying glass and saw it, it said

Get this for free!

“What’s for free?” Daniel asked. “If there’s something for free, why don’t they give it to us?”

“Wait! I can see a package, just like the one we sent to the Vanessas late last month!”

“Then the Vanessas are trying to get us to drink it for free! Of course they would use those tricks,” Graham said, “If they didn’t how could they get their revenge? But, now what?”

They thought for the next two hours to come up of something. That something didn’t show up.

They went upstairs to their room and slept to prepare for the night and day ahead.

Jackson’s uncle had a feeling he’d visit the trio for a while. After all, he hadn’t seen them since last month and a week.

But one obstacle stood in the way because there were many traps he saw from the house. How he would avoid them was the question.


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