Jackson’s uncle ran down the stairs, seeing that the first trap was right in frnt of him. He analysed the trap and found out it was a pit. He was struct with an idea that would have him avoid all of the obstacles in his way.

He went back to his apartment and saw that he had a levitational skateboard. He got his things, went to the downstair exit. That also had another pit nearby it.

He wore got on the skateboard, and rode to his house, where the trio now lived in.

“Now, where should this guy come in from?”

“Who knows? Just lock the door. I’m going to bed.”

“Okay, Graham, what should we do now? I’m not tired at all.”

“Well, Daniel, we could just install another door on the front door for security.”

“Sure. Let’s do that for now.

Once Jackson’s uncle came to the road the trio lived in, he heard,



It was annoying, so he knocked on the door.

“Who’s there?”

“It’s Jackson’s uncle.”

THen, he saw the eye of Daniel’s through the peephole. Daniel saw him, too.

Daniel let him in and he felt relaxed.

At least, until another person knocked on the door.


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