With the battle still very much alive, they called over the crew and asked them to find other people to get on our side so that they could have more quantity.

The crew found thirty more recruits, and now their house was filled.

When it was time to fight, the same people fought the rows, while the newest recruits sneaked to the back, finding secret evidence on how many people there were.

The spies told Daniel that there were exactly 142 back there when they last checked.

“Now, go towards the back and fight them!” he replied.

Fifteen minutes after the spies invaded the back, there were only 36 who appeared out in the last wave, not 142.

The plan had completely worked.

Jackson’s uncle and Kevin were officially building houses for the crew, for the cheap cost of $500.

Seven of the recruits lived in the trio’s house, ten went in Kevin’s house, eleven went in Jackson’s uncle’s house, and the rest of the recruits lived in another house. They had built their own neighborhood instantly. Now that the planning was done, the trio and Kevin built two houses, while Jackson’s uncle built his own house. By the next day, they were close to a third done.

THe next day it was ready to fight without the tremendous trio. How would they suceed?




Even after the case there was an argument.

There was a question on how he got the recovered packages, and the question started a riot between Daniel and Graham and the Vanessas and the doubters. Soon, Kevin and Jackson joined in, bringing punch after punch after punch to bring only more fighting.

If he had ever played a tower defense game, it was sure like it. A few minutes a second wave had came.

After time and patience, the third, fourth and fifth wave came after them and the four defeated hundreds of people, only to later realize that this was being videotaped by very sneaky paparazzi and led to another riot between the Vanessas and the paparazzis.

Jackson and the group sneaked out of the trouble, to their house and collapsed. Their energy was just too much. But finally, they thought it was all done and dusted. They had found the pin in the haystack. It was over.

But was it?

The next morning, they were back to fighting, this time making it look like a fighting simulation with puzzle-like levels. It just kept becoming harder and harder to punch and kick, until they locked all windows and doors, had extra platinum sheets on the whole house, so no one could invade.

The next morning Jackson and Daniel got the police’s assaut team on their side, with some juries who had learned judo and taekwondo.

The fight still continued, as this time the Vanessas used the Plants vs. Zombies strategy: They went in rows and the load just kept getting bigger and bigger every minute.

However, with a refreshed and re-energized squad, they were able to hold off the stout offense of the Vanessas within minutes.

The whole team had a delicious pasta lunch and training at the top of Hollywood. Daniel and Graham knew it would pay off tomorrow.




“Order of the court, order of the court!”

The silence of both sides were so big, it was almost scary. The court case started at 10:00 sharp, with Jackson as the youngest lawyer in history to ever be in a criminal case.

He started out with blunt remarks, saying, “With evidence and major key points, I believe that Denise, Farver, and Trista Vanessa have robbed the company of Amazon.”

The defendant said, “But where’s the evidence?”

“It’s quite simple. We found a drop of blood, a glove Farver used, the stolen packages, and the picture of the box. It has a time, date, and location stamp on the photo.”

The case was already in their hand, so when the thirty minute period was announced, the case had almost been won.

“So, I think this is how they robbed the Amazon company.”

After five minutes of silence and murmurs, the judge announced, “The suspect gets 10 years of prison and a fine of $1,956!”

Jackson had set another record, youngest lawyer to win a criminal case, and first non-degree lawyer to win a felony criminal case.

It was beautiful.




Jackson confirmed that they stole a costume box and a video game and now they had to show a judge about this. But, there was piece missing.

Where did they go to put it there?

How will we recover the packages?

He thought it might be in the house, but he needed to know someone who knew about te house. Who was it, who was it?

“Graham!” he said.

He found Graham and asked where the house might be.

“Take my remote,” he said. “I rigged mine so it has a history on where I went and when I went there. Here’s the Vanessa’s house.”

“Awesome! Thanks, that will come in handy later.”

At exactly 3:00 PM, he teleported to the Vanessa’s place and immediately found the package.



He got the two boxes, running for his life and teleported back to the house. He was safe.

Jackson analysed the finger prints and confirmed that all related Vanessas touched it at least once. He went over and saw Kevin, leaving to work.

Jackson ran towards him, saying, “Kevin!”

“Whoa, whoa! What have you got there?

“I have the evidence. We must show this to a judge.”



“Okay, okay, I’ll call a judge to investigate this case.”






After Kevin’s work period was over, he went over to the stocks area and tried to find three specific faces, looking for the evidence. He found that three were taking things home and they left their gloves behind, and a drop of blood. He picked up the blood into the bottle and sealed it. He found out that there were all three f the people’s blood combined. He went home, excited to see what the trio would find out during the night.

“Hey, guys!”

“Hey, Kevin, how are you doing?” Daniel said.

“I’m good. But do me a favor–”

“What favor?”

Kevin had told them what he had found out as a CEO for Amazon. He was not a forensic scientist. The trio were the closest forensic scientists he knew.

“Let’s do research!”

Daniel and Graham researched all night finding that the blood was from Denise Vanessa, Farver Vanessa, and Trista Vanessa.

THe glove gave key evidence on what they did last night. They were sure they took a costume bag and a video game box. With this information in mind, it was a job well done for one night.

The two workers took a break. Then Jackson took over, thinking that the other side were thinking that nothing was happening.

But everything was happening.




Chapter 15

“Hello? Hello?”

Thinking furiously on what to do, Daniel got out a micro-telescope. It was a very tiny telescope with an eye-size lens. He went and looked through the eyehole. He saw a disguised Anne Vanessa, with a box. The sticker picture had a frog costume on it, although Daniel already knew it was the serum antidote.


He opened the door and got ready to punch.


The punch knocked her out cold.

He opened the package. He was right. It was more of the antidote.

He opened Anne’s mouth and poured the serum into the mouth. He saw the liquid disappear into the stomach. The final blow to the hopes were complete.

Kevin was earning promotion after promotion until, he was the CEO of Amazon.

He saw all of his employees through his computer until he saw three specific stock managers. Their last names were Vanessa.

He knew their plan already. They were trying to sack him as CEO so they can own their businesses. The only problem was, how?

Kevin, at the top of the business ladder needed to ask help from youth.