Chapter 15

“Hello? Hello?”

Thinking furiously on what to do, Daniel got out a micro-telescope. It was a very tiny telescope with an eye-size lens. He went and looked through the eyehole. He saw a disguised Anne Vanessa, with a box. The sticker picture had a frog costume on it, although Daniel already knew it was the serum antidote.


He opened the door and got ready to punch.


The punch knocked her out cold.

He opened the package. He was right. It was more of the antidote.

He opened Anne’s mouth and poured the serum into the mouth. He saw the liquid disappear into the stomach. The final blow to the hopes were complete.

Kevin was earning promotion after promotion until, he was the CEO of Amazon.

He saw all of his employees through his computer until he saw three specific stock managers. Their last names were Vanessa.

He knew their plan already. They were trying to sack him as CEO so they can own their businesses. The only problem was, how?

Kevin, at the top of the business ladder needed to ask help from youth.


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