After Kevin’s work period was over, he went over to the stocks area and tried to find three specific faces, looking for the evidence. He found that three were taking things home and they left their gloves behind, and a drop of blood. He picked up the blood into the bottle and sealed it. He found out that there were all three f the people’s blood combined. He went home, excited to see what the trio would find out during the night.

“Hey, guys!”

“Hey, Kevin, how are you doing?” Daniel said.

“I’m good. But do me a favor–”

“What favor?”

Kevin had told them what he had found out as a CEO for Amazon. He was not a forensic scientist. The trio were the closest forensic scientists he knew.

“Let’s do research!”

Daniel and Graham researched all night finding that the blood was from Denise Vanessa, Farver Vanessa, and Trista Vanessa.

THe glove gave key evidence on what they did last night. They were sure they took a costume bag and a video game box. With this information in mind, it was a job well done for one night.

The two workers took a break. Then Jackson took over, thinking that the other side were thinking that nothing was happening.

But everything was happening.



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