Jackson confirmed that they stole a costume box and a video game and now they had to show a judge about this. But, there was piece missing.

Where did they go to put it there?

How will we recover the packages?

He thought it might be in the house, but he needed to know someone who knew about te house. Who was it, who was it?

“Graham!” he said.

He found Graham and asked where the house might be.

“Take my remote,” he said. “I rigged mine so it has a history on where I went and when I went there. Here’s the Vanessa’s house.”

“Awesome! Thanks, that will come in handy later.”

At exactly 3:00 PM, he teleported to the Vanessa’s place and immediately found the package.



He got the two boxes, running for his life and teleported back to the house. He was safe.

Jackson analysed the finger prints and confirmed that all related Vanessas touched it at least once. He went over and saw Kevin, leaving to work.

Jackson ran towards him, saying, “Kevin!”

“Whoa, whoa! What have you got there?

“I have the evidence. We must show this to a judge.”



“Okay, okay, I’ll call a judge to investigate this case.”




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