“Order of the court, order of the court!”

The silence of both sides were so big, it was almost scary. The court case started at 10:00 sharp, with Jackson as the youngest lawyer in history to ever be in a criminal case.

He started out with blunt remarks, saying, “With evidence and major key points, I believe that Denise, Farver, and Trista Vanessa have robbed the company of Amazon.”

The defendant said, “But where’s the evidence?”

“It’s quite simple. We found a drop of blood, a glove Farver used, the stolen packages, and the picture of the box. It has a time, date, and location stamp on the photo.”

The case was already in their hand, so when the thirty minute period was announced, the case had almost been won.

“So, I think this is how they robbed the Amazon company.”

After five minutes of silence and murmurs, the judge announced, “The suspect gets 10 years of prison and a fine of $1,956!”

Jackson had set another record, youngest lawyer to win a criminal case, and first non-degree lawyer to win a felony criminal case.

It was beautiful.


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