Even after the case there was an argument.

There was a question on how he got the recovered packages, and the question started a riot between Daniel and Graham and the Vanessas and the doubters. Soon, Kevin and Jackson joined in, bringing punch after punch after punch to bring only more fighting.

If he had ever played a tower defense game, it was sure like it. A few minutes a second wave had came.

After time and patience, the third, fourth and fifth wave came after them and the four defeated hundreds of people, only to later realize that this was being videotaped by very sneaky paparazzi and led to another riot between the Vanessas and the paparazzis.

Jackson and the group sneaked out of the trouble, to their house and collapsed. Their energy was just too much. But finally, they thought it was all done and dusted. They had found the pin in the haystack. It was over.

But was it?

The next morning, they were back to fighting, this time making it look like a fighting simulation with puzzle-like levels. It just kept becoming harder and harder to punch and kick, until they locked all windows and doors, had extra platinum sheets on the whole house, so no one could invade.

The next morning Jackson and Daniel got the police’s assaut team on their side, with some juries who had learned judo and taekwondo.

The fight still continued, as this time the Vanessas used the Plants vs. Zombies strategy: They went in rows and the load just kept getting bigger and bigger every minute.

However, with a refreshed and re-energized squad, they were able to hold off the stout offense of the Vanessas within minutes.

The whole team had a delicious pasta lunch and training at the top of Hollywood. Daniel and Graham knew it would pay off tomorrow.


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