With the battle still very much alive, they called over the crew and asked them to find other people to get on our side so that they could have more quantity.

The crew found thirty more recruits, and now their house was filled.

When it was time to fight, the same people fought the rows, while the newest recruits sneaked to the back, finding secret evidence on how many people there were.

The spies told Daniel that there were exactly 142 back there when they last checked.

“Now, go towards the back and fight them!” he replied.

Fifteen minutes after the spies invaded the back, there were only 36 who appeared out in the last wave, not 142.

The plan had completely worked.

Jackson’s uncle and Kevin were officially building houses for the crew, for the cheap cost of $500.

Seven of the recruits lived in the trio’s house, ten went in Kevin’s house, eleven went in Jackson’s uncle’s house, and the rest of the recruits lived in another house. They had built their own neighborhood instantly. Now that the planning was done, the trio and Kevin built two houses, while Jackson’s uncle built his own house. By the next day, they were close to a third done.

THe next day it was ready to fight without the tremendous trio. How would they suceed?


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