Another book?

Okay, so another book finished and left you hanging with something to think about. Should I make a third book? What should be the title? How long, and in what style?Comment below.

Thanks to a lot of time this Easter, I was able to write my final chapters and complete my second book not available at bookstores today!

But before you comment below, here was the answer for the quote. (If you don’t know the answer yet, don’t click the link! Continue reading “Another book?”

Another book?

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Having trouble finding this code? Here are some hints for you to think about.

  1. What does the master genius want to do? How will he put the plan to action?
  2. Count how many letters are in each word.
  3.  Oh yeah, and GPS does not mean GPS. It’s the word for.
  4. How do you think the genius mastermind get an advantage without fighting themselves in person?

Those are some things to think about.

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27: Epilogue

Was the fighting worth it? Not so, said this genius mastermind. He was thinking of something to destroy all means to other rivals and next stop, the world.

Nobody knew that he was right below them, in a small and silent helicopter. He was ready to take action.

He brought out his phone. He typed to his guards,


He smiled. He knew that both sides were easy to defeat. Just bring hostages for more power.

Nobody knew he was even alive. He faked his death hundreds of times.

Close calls shadowed throughout his life, and this was, too. However, he knew the risk was worth it. He was just going to put his life in a bigger scale.

27: Epilogue



Ever since that game every game was broadcasted on television both on the court and the pitch.

Jackson qualified for the baseball team and hit a home run on his first at-bat. That was also broadcasted from then on out after they won 4-2.

The flying magicians in sports were getting the cover on Sports Illustrated for Kids, and they were getting more and more popular. Some interviewer even asked to Daniel, “Would you say that you are the next Lebron James?”

He answered back, “Not yet. I’m still young.”

This happened to Graham too, just with the comparison to Lionel Messi.

Then on Jackson’s fifth match he was compared to Roberto Clemente.

In their heads, they asked themselves, “Is this getting too out of hand?”

So, at the end of the seasons, all three of them had undefeated seasons, and they each got MVP’s and a playoff trophy, qualifying for a state tournament, and winning that, too, and a promotion to a Division I seed.

School was also going out of hand as girls came over to them and asked them out to a party. They would consider it in high school, but not now was what they were thinking.

In the fighting back at home, the recruits scored victory after victory, but the Vanessas would never surrender, staying to fight every weekday, longing for another victory.

But the trio had the edge. It was basically dodgeball all over again. The gym teacher would pick unfair teams and one side would always win.

The pain had just begun.



It was Daniel and Graham’s first game in their sports. They were excited and ready to beat the Wildcats both in their gym and on their pitch.

Daniel scored twenty points in the first half of his debut, another school record, which thrusted the Knights to a ten-point lead at halftime. Once the ball tipped off again, Daniel scored twenty more points in the second half for the Knights to win 100-78, the biggest win in school history against a last season champion. Daniel also broke the record for most points in a career debut for the league. The coach was greatly impressed in their first game.

Near the same time the basketball game went on, Graham got ready starting as a midfielder. He blasted the net three times for a hat-trick, then assisted three times to get an assist hat-trick, winning 6-0. Graham was the first player ever to do that in the state. The Knights won both games in stylish fashion.

And in the fights, there were still flaws, but they were holding the Vanessas off-but who knows? They might overtake them too.

Jackson boosted the team to victory with hard slaps of the back. They would say, “Oooooow!” even before he hit them.

So everything was still going as planned and Jackson was ready for the baseball tryouts. It should be fun for him.





On the weekend, they had a good time. No fighting, no hectic, and no fatigue.

The recruits practiced their punches and kicks, and Jackson got five more recruits who would move in to the neighbor’s house sooner or later. This included a seventh grader in their school district.

So when he came across four houses in a row touching each other, it was kind of ridiculous to see it, and weird at the same time when his house was about five yards away. He went to the trio’s house, running into three people punching a punch bag and the three watching a TV show.

“Hey, Nick!”

“Oh, hey guys! Uh, what am I supposed to do?”

“Just do basic punches and things like that.”

“My house doesn’t have any boxing equipment.”

“Okay, let me teach you. Come downstairs.”

He thought it was weird for the basement door to expand while anyone was coming through.

So, as predicted he did pretty well. Nick got the basic punch down, and now was at defending. He did pretty well with that too. What he didn’t know was the real fight.

On Monday afternoon, seeing a fight was not expected.

“What is this?”

“An ‘after a court case’ fight.”

That answered his question.



For the first day of school on a Friday, it was hectic.

Once Daniel got to his final session for tryouts for the basketball team, there were at least sixty 8th and 7th graders in the tryouts. Daniel had succeeded in the tryouts, making the starting lineup. This made him the youngest player in history of the school team, at 12 years and 23 days old.

In the fifth session, Graham had soccer team tryouts as a forward. He had only seen a soccer match, only one, which was the famous El Clasico match between the two best teams in Europe: Barcelona and Real Madrid. He knew the rules, and now he needed to use his visual ability to make the team. The first trial was penalties. He scored ten out of ten, then dribbling, also 10 of 10.He passed the ball elegantly and perfectly. Graham crossed the ball like Gareth Bale, and the headers were perfect too. He had it all. It was too much for the soccer coach that once he reached the final trial: creativity, he said “You’re in!”

Jackson got recess and practiced for the baseball team trials, which were next week.

The hectic day was exhausting.

Meanwhile, the fight between the recruits and the Vanessas were raging on.

Vanessas almost got run over by the bus coming for Jackson, Daniel, and Graham.

Their recruits had fought them off a bit better, as they practiced more and more for money. The trio were already rich.

So it was time to rest after a hectic day for both the recruits and the trio.