The crew woke up the next day, full of energy and concerns without their captains. However, their break was unerstandable. They had fought for many days in a row without much rest. So, when they were waking up, watching the fight on live cam,  it wasn’t as much of a knockout this time.

It looked like a boss level this time, one after the other, or the final wave. They decided to work on the houses.

Jackson had finished building a house after the fight was done, and Daniel and Graham finished Kevin’s house too.

The fight had been a big defeat, as almost everyone was leaving in the “out of energy” mode.

Since the three finished two houses, the victims had a lot of rest, and those who were lucky got to hang out with the trio and they got to talk to Jackson’s uncle and Kevin.

One person said, “Why are you guys so smart? I mean, I can’t hold as much information than just you three alone.”

They responded in one way, together, “Family business.”

The next day was the first day of school. Qualified for seventh grade, they got their binders, their gym bags, their water  bottles, and their books. They went on the bus.

When everyone saw them, people stood in awe.

“Is it you? The Jackson Cerin? The Daniel Cerin? The Graham Cerin?”

Just by walking on the bus they got so much attention. There could be no idea what could happen next.


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