For the first day of school on a Friday, it was hectic.

Once Daniel got to his final session for tryouts for the basketball team, there were at least sixty 8th and 7th graders in the tryouts. Daniel had succeeded in the tryouts, making the starting lineup. This made him the youngest player in history of the school team, at 12 years and 23 days old.

In the fifth session, Graham had soccer team tryouts as a forward. He had only seen a soccer match, only one, which was the famous El Clasico match between the two best teams in Europe: Barcelona and Real Madrid. He knew the rules, and now he needed to use his visual ability to make the team. The first trial was penalties. He scored ten out of ten, then dribbling, also 10 of 10.He passed the ball elegantly and perfectly. Graham crossed the ball like Gareth Bale, and the headers were perfect too. He had it all. It was too much for the soccer coach that once he reached the final trial: creativity, he said “You’re in!”

Jackson got recess and practiced for the baseball team trials, which were next week.

The hectic day was exhausting.

Meanwhile, the fight between the recruits and the Vanessas were raging on.

Vanessas almost got run over by the bus coming for Jackson, Daniel, and Graham.

Their recruits had fought them off a bit better, as they practiced more and more for money. The trio were already rich.

So it was time to rest after a hectic day for both the recruits and the trio.


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