On the weekend, they had a good time. No fighting, no hectic, and no fatigue.

The recruits practiced their punches and kicks, and Jackson got five more recruits who would move in to the neighbor’s house sooner or later. This included a seventh grader in their school district.

So when he came across four houses in a row touching each other, it was kind of ridiculous to see it, and weird at the same time when his house was about five yards away. He went to the trio’s house, running into three people punching a punch bag and the three watching a TV show.

“Hey, Nick!”

“Oh, hey guys! Uh, what am I supposed to do?”

“Just do basic punches and things like that.”

“My house doesn’t have any boxing equipment.”

“Okay, let me teach you. Come downstairs.”

He thought it was weird for the basement door to expand while anyone was coming through.

So, as predicted he did pretty well. Nick got the basic punch down, and now was at defending. He did pretty well with that too. What he didn’t know was the real fight.

On Monday afternoon, seeing a fight was not expected.

“What is this?”

“An ‘after a court case’ fight.”

That answered his question.


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