It was Daniel and Graham’s first game in their sports. They were excited and ready to beat the Wildcats both in their gym and on their pitch.

Daniel scored twenty points in the first half of his debut, another school record, which thrusted the Knights to a ten-point lead at halftime. Once the ball tipped off again, Daniel scored twenty more points in the second half for the Knights to win 100-78, the biggest win in school history against a last season champion. Daniel also broke the record for most points in a career debut for the league. The coach was greatly impressed in their first game.

Near the same time the basketball game went on, Graham got ready starting as a midfielder. He blasted the net three times for a hat-trick, then assisted three times to get an assist hat-trick, winning 6-0. Graham was the first player ever to do that in the state. The Knights won both games in stylish fashion.

And in the fights, there were still flaws, but they were holding the Vanessas off-but who knows? They might overtake them too.

Jackson boosted the team to victory with hard slaps of the back. They would say, “Oooooow!” even before he hit them.

So everything was still going as planned and Jackson was ready for the baseball tryouts. It should be fun for him.




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