Ever since that game every game was broadcasted on television both on the court and the pitch.

Jackson qualified for the baseball team and hit a home run on his first at-bat. That was also broadcasted from then on out after they won 4-2.

The flying magicians in sports were getting the cover on Sports Illustrated for Kids, and they were getting more and more popular. Some interviewer even asked to Daniel, “Would you say that you are the next Lebron James?”

He answered back, “Not yet. I’m still young.”

This happened to Graham too, just with the comparison to Lionel Messi.

Then on Jackson’s fifth match he was compared to Roberto Clemente.

In their heads, they asked themselves, “Is this getting too out of hand?”

So, at the end of the seasons, all three of them had undefeated seasons, and they each got MVP’s and a playoff trophy, qualifying for a state tournament, and winning that, too, and a promotion to a Division I seed.

School was also going out of hand as girls came over to them and asked them out to a party. They would consider it in high school, but not now was what they were thinking.

In the fighting back at home, the recruits scored victory after victory, but the Vanessas would never surrender, staying to fight every weekday, longing for another victory.

But the trio had the edge. It was basically dodgeball all over again. The gym teacher would pick unfair teams and one side would always win.

The pain had just begun.


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