My Opinion on Cancer

Cancer has been getting more and more widespread as the years go on. It is the scientist’s dream goal to come up with a cure. Here’s what I feel on cancer.

Sometimes I feel that scientists don’t work hard enough to stop cancer. Wouldn’t it be easier to find where the source is coming from, and limit it? Couldn’t you just take cells out so there is less reproduction and add baby cells? I mean, take obvious things and put it together in one big idea.

Then I feel that people having cancer have huge pressure on themselves. Could they die? How much would it hurt? Is there a painful cure to this? These questions to me would be very pressuring and it would not help to find out I had cancer.

I also feel that maybe there are many ways to stop cancer. If there’s more than one way to solve a math problem, then there’s probably more than one way to stop a major disease, like autism, AIDS, Alzheimer’s disease and, you guessed it — cancer.

On different levels, we can easily find solutions to not just cancer, but all major diseases that live across the world.

My Opinion on Cancer

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