Third Book Plan

Step 1: Find Intro.

Who is the “genius mastermind?”

Where should the battle start?

Are the hostages already trapped?

Step 2: Build on

After the battle, figure a problem.

Is one of the trio a hostage?

Are there more peer pressure as the year goes by because of news headlines?

How will this affect them?

What is needed to bring the hostages back?

Step 3: Progress through

Where will the battle go from there?

Is there an incident, like a fight, at school?

Will new people help them?

Step 4: End it!

Is there a “left you hanging” ending or a “phrase ends there” ending?

How will the characters be affected?


So, this is how my third book will be planned out. If you think you can fill in any of the questions, comment below.

Third Book Plan

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