Mind Vs Mind Book 1

Chapter 1

Big News: Battle Over?

As Jackson read this newspaper front page in the morning, he was rattled.

He quickly flipped to the page where the story was.

“In the night, someone has captured and taken hostage of Anne Vanessa, Tyler Cummings, and Madeline Vanessa.”

As soon as he read “Tyler Cummings”, he started to search his house.

He opened the door of his house and Kevin was right at the front door.

“Whoa!” he said. “I was just about to go to your house and tell you something.”

“Where’s my uncle?” he replied.

“Just as read in the paper. Kidnapped, and taken hostage,” he responded.

So it was true. There were lots of questions to be answered.

Where are the hostages?

Who captured them?

What do we have to do to save them?

Just when he had thought that, a soccer ball cracked the window of their house.

“Whoops! Sorry, Jackson!”

Always ready to play soccer was Graham. Whether it was in rain, snow, or in the sun, he loved to play soccer. He was basically Lionel Messi wearing a Manchester City shirt.

A basketball came flying in the same direction of the soccer ball, but Jackson threw a baseball right at it, deflating the ball.

“Not again!”

The basketball fanatic was Daniel, who loved to see people slip and slide after his dribbling skills. Even Graham and Jackson slipped when he did it.

Then there was Jackson, the master pitcher. He threw 80 mile-per-hour curveballs like he meant it, and had struct out every single player in the league just three months ago, and had 3 shutouts in three league games.

But the trio weren’t athletic heroes. They were meant to be total geniuses who would already have their PHD, if it weren’t for them saying they would stay at their age level.

Then once they had taken a big breath, the sky fell.

Mind Vs Mind Book 1

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