Chapter 3

Meanwhile, the same recovery process was happening with the Vanessas.

The sky fell on them too, giving huge trouble, because they panicked and ran to another spot. The sky followed them as they ran every single movement, until they picked up a note.


The smartest person in the group said, “We’re going to Rome!”

“What?” The Vanessas said.

“Game Over can be adjusted to Rome Gave, which probably means we’re going to Rome to give up things.”

“Let’s go!”

They robbed a bank and went on a trip to Rome, Italy, and arrived just the time that the sky fell on the trio.

They rebuilt their HQ in the meantime, making a huge building. By the time the trio’s HQ finished part of their HQ, theirs were done, with obvious weaknesses that seemed too easy to miss, like making their first vault passcode 0000. Then the next was 0201, and then 2422, which made it clear what was coming next, which hinted a pattern, making the base not so protected.

Chapter 3

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