Chapter 4

Once Graham, Jackson, Daniel, and Nick arrived off the plane, something didn’t look right.

The place was almost as empty as a ghost town, only staff remained here. This was not expected, especially for Amsterdam. As they walked past gate after gate,they found a message on Gate 1 on the second seat.

2-1   1-5 1-9 1-4 3-6 2-1 2-3 1-9

“What is that?”

“A hotel number?”

“A hack for an item that we need?”

“Okay, let’s just get to a hotel now, I know I need to sleep.”

“Let’s go!”

As the four went to a hotel, on the other side of the world, the HQ was almost completed.

It looked like a castle with surrealism. Although castles liked tri-towers and rook-like shapes, this one was a quad-tower stretched sphere with one huge tower in the middle.

Kevin and 3 other recruits were in the center tower. They were in the control center in the basement 10th floor.

As the Vanessa recruits got bad service, 60 switched over to Kevin’s side. They were used as guards in the quad-towers.

The 21 other recruits were developers in weaponry, navigation, and teleportation. As people there became more knowledgeable, more teleportation devices were transported to Amsterdam, with Jackson and the others needing them. Weapons were equipped with the former Vanessa supporter crew and they became the strength of an army of thousand. Navigation helped locate where the three kidnapped went, which was a good creation, and within an instant, the HQ became one of the best in the world.

More people were hired, and became useful, as more specialized in defense, engineering, and leadership.

Back in the Netherlands, the code was broken.

“It’s ‘a tornado’. We’ve just confirmed it.”

“A tornado?” Graham asked. “What does that have to do with anything?”

Nick replied, “There should be a thunder storm tomorrow. If it’s strong enough, it could break into a tornado.”

At that moment when Nick said “break into a tornado,” another letter came in.

That said,


They all said, “What?!”

“Daniel, when did you add a letter tranported to the window?”

Then Kevin went and appeared in front of them and said, “It’s ready. This note. It’s the next clue. I cracked it. Electrolyte. Get it. You must. See you. Good luck.”

“That was brief…”


Chapter 4

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