Chapter 5

“Electrolytes with tornadoes? Now that’s weird.” Nick said.

“Maybe this is a challenge to see if we can get the electrolytes in the middle of a tornado. We have to locate it, however.” Daniel replied.

Then a communication message came in from the control center.

“We are now locating the electrolyte location. We think it is somewhere around the top floor of the hotel. Hurry! A tornado is forming from about a kilometer to a mile behind you. Get to the top floor, and get it, go down to the basement, and hold cover there.

“Great! We live on the top floor. We just have to get it.”

They found the location, where they grabbed the electrolyte jar and sprinted towards the  the elevator. It was already at the bottomfloor, meaning that they’d have to wait a while. The tornado was now being detected. It was about 700 meters away.

They dashed down the stairs, counting down the floors: 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, B1, B2, B3, B4, B5, BB.

When they had said “B2,” the tornado was about 200 meters away. They reached BB, meaning the most bottom floor, when the tornado had just hit the hotel. It was a very close call. They had survived the first phase of this coded thing.

“Now, come back to base, please. We want you out of here right now! We have also found the location of the dropped ‘sky.'” Kevin emphasized.

The teleportation device took them there no problem, and now they were safe through iron walls.

The living quarters had just been completed, located in the 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 4th basement floors for people to live their everyday lives in. About 50 “houses” were enough to supply about 125 people.

“Ah. Now, let’s get to work. We need a flying potion to make. Electrolytes have something to do with that.”

The basis of a flying potion was to make the body 80% lighter for about a week. This would allow flying types, like getting on a jetpack, much easier. However, the body would be very fragile, vulnerable for the bones to break. So, the skin’s weight had to be reduced by 90%. Then putting armor would be the best idea.

“I found a good ingredient list for the flying potion. It consists of electrolytes, water, a dissolved feather, helium, and pure orange juice.” Graham said.

“We could make these ingredients all in our own house!” Jackson said. “Let’s do it!”

Nick put a feather in very high temperatures to make it very soft, then cut it into many pieces, then put it in a warm glass of water. It dissolved, making the water a bit brown.

For the helium, Daniel got a simple balloon and filled it with helium.

For the orange juice, Graham squeezed an orange, nothing else.

The water, they just got from a plastic water bottle.

“Now, we mix them together.”

First, Daniel grabbed the dissolved feather and mixed it with the electrolytes.

It made a blue-like substance.

In a separate bottle, Nick and Graham got the orange juice and helium to mix, making a light-orange substance.

Jackson got the two of the substances and put them together to create a purple-pink substance.

Nick got the water and poured it in.

“The first is complete. Now, we must make three more.”

The four created three more potions to even their number. When they finished, Kevin came in and said, “Ok, guys, you all ready? We found the location of the sky-drop. We believe that’s where the base is, OK? Your mission has begun, now you need to start quickly.”




Chapter 5

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