Chapter 7

The ten that made it through the first line of defense went to the first computer they saw. The main plan was to breach the security and find a way towards the person who was doing this “skyfall” action.

Jackson got on the computer and got access to the code and started to hack it, even with the very stable firewall. He found a tiny hole in the firewall and attacked that hole until the firewall looked more like someone just rammed through it. Now they found a way towards the evil person.

As the four guessed, there were more security measures beyond the firewall. When they tried to go through an elevator, the elevator closed with a screen. It had a game in it.

“Wait, that’s a soccer game!” Graham exclaimed.

He found the instructions were to draw a line to aim where you pass. You shoot in the same way too. On top of the screen said, “Get 10 in a row.”

“Man, that’s tough.” Jackson sighed.

Graham had found a way to score 8, then he found a hard one.

“What? How am I supposed to pass to someone that’s covered by four people?”

Near the left side, the player was passing to a player to the right. 3 defenders were in front of him. One was behind and to the right of him.

“I got it!” Daniel exclaimed.

He drew a line not to the player, but to the space he could easily run to. It worked and the shot was easily made. The final goal was a free kick.

Graham easily scored, clinching his spot to the 2nd floor.

Chapter 7

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