Math Studies I

Topic I:

About Infinity

If there is a number that is very much infinite, then how do you compare it to finite numbers? Every time you might add infinity to the equation, you will always get an infinity on the other side. Like:


It’s way too endless to say whether or not this would be true, but this is a rough explanation.

Topic II:

The Mystery of Tau

Sure, you’ve heard of Pi every single time a circle, circumference, and area. However, Tau is a number not known mush to people in the world.

Tau is Pi x 2: 6.28318530717958, and the list goes on and on, and it actually can be used to calculate circumference. Use the radius of the circle, multiply that by Tau, and there it is. Done. It makes more sense because, what do you use to create a perfect circle? You make up the radius, then you make the circumference by drawing the circle itself.

Topic III:


What exactly is a number? Is it just, well, a number?

Maybe not. It has value, but numbers mean more than just a stupid value you blame on for every time you have to do long (Insert loooooooong here) division. Numbers have proven again and again to be more that just a number. Money? Numbers. Calendars? Numbers. Clocks? Numbers. See? I have proved enough of a point. Now you can get the point of that long insert loooooooong here division is not just a value: It’s a way of life.

Math Studies I

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