All the stars-they look tiny in sight at the dead of night. However, all the stars that look peaceful in sight are giants controlling planets to go their way in orbit. But, there are more than just stars-there are planets, huge ones, small ones, and ones that aren’t planets at all. Then there are some like the glowing earth, our home planet, the most wonderful planet in the whole galaxy’s opinion-or maybe we thought.

The stories of the UFO’s flying around and appearing above you should give you key evidence that we are not the only ones living in the galaxy. There are more intelligent beings out there in the universe. There are also planets that have really good similarities with Earth. Those are the planets that set scientists minds on the rush to go and research for the discovery.

The Earth is probably a unique planet of its time when human arrived on earth. They were intelligent-more than any animal (average) of its time.The IQ scale has shown that there are many smart people out there- 200, 210, 190, and more scales made Earth a great place. It would be very hard to find one as similar as the earth today, as we realize as our time on earth comes closer and closer to the end.

With our planet Earth-1 of many billions of planets goes to be destroyed with the Sun’s major force of power, there may be an answer to that problem. That would be Operation Earth-Like.


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