What’s Wrong With Rules in Sports

I’ve seen rules pass and go, some are broken, some have vast rules that are complicated to say. But what I think is that there’s something wrong with rules. They can be bent, and the bends stretch the rules to make it easier for a side to do what they need to do, whether it’s trying to throw a ball into a basket, or trying to hit a ball into a hole.

The rules are always bent in some way, shape, or form once it is assembled. This is why, in the US law, amendments can change to fit the people’s needs or just go with the modern times. Although rules can be changed in sports, that is usually in its earliest stages, when it was just formed. When 50 years pass from when the sport is created, there isn’t much change in rules, because the players need to get used to it and play the right way. However, there are those rules that looks so wrong, but it isn’t, which is what makes the fans of the sport so angry and ready to punch the officials in the face. What’s so agitating about this concept is the way the players look like they’re doing something wrong and it’s right. The same goes for the opposite turn.

The flaw in sports will always be on how to make sure that the game is played right. These rules need to be fixed, and most likely need to be adjusted so that the fans can enjoy the time at their day at the stadium.

What’s Wrong With Rules in Sports

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