In my trip to Korea, I have gone to a basketball camp every weekday. Every time, it is rigorous and fun. Although my language is limited, I can see that the coach is more focused on the basic concepts of the game, like passing, dribbling, and shooting. The coach puts less emphasis on the advanced parts of the game. I saw that scrimmages end up being pretty close. It was fun to experience the Korean way of basketball.

I have learned a lot, and I hope to expand this momentum to the USA when I return. When that day comes, I hope that that I can be better and stronger in physical play and fitness. I know the US focus a lot on teaching 1 fundamental and advancing in difficulty, but Koreans focus on the basics, and once you excel on the basics, you become creative with how you do the basics.

I don’t feel that any way is better, I think they have equal status, because they both go beyond. I think that I will learn from this Korean way of experience, and I hope to make more of this potential that I have o become a good basketball player.


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