The night sky gazes on the window at the dead of night—and what am I doing? Trying to sleep again after a brief six hour sleep. Of course, I had jet lag from arriving at the enormous cities of Korea. There, I studied, toured, and played sports to bring a new form into myself. Coming back, I feel refreshened, but struct by reality. There are just some things you just can’t handle as an eleven year old kid, and sleep is one of them.

You can’t blame anyone for not handling energy, and the time for hitting the sack late is coming to an end. Plus, looking at the next few days  future, there’s a long road of hard for me compared to other sixth grade students. One, I have the responsibilities of being a president, which, frankly, I have no idea what their responsibilities even are. Two, I have Algebra I. Yep, if you can remember that class, that could blow your mind. I haven’t told any of my friends this that I am taking “the class”, but it’ll get out fast once people notice that the PRESIDENT is MISSING IN CLASS. That could take seconds to realize that. I hope luck doesn’t fall against me now.

So, obviously, I look back at this summer as one of the most enjoyable, because this school year is going to be tough. I know that and I’m going to be juggling a million responsibilities.

Bring it on, life. I’m ready.


One thought on “Summer

  1. SANG HEE OH says:

    Once again I congratulate you on being elected the president of the student council. I think through trial and error you’ll have the opportunity to know what is a desirable president. I hope you will be the great president who can achieve consensus through communication and persuasion.


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