Math’s Biggest numbers

What is the biggest number? We don’t know. We can’t calculate the biggest numbers, however, in symbols, the biggest number is infinity. (To symbolize: draw an 8 turned 90°) If we want to symbolize some of the biggest numbers, you start by,

1, 2, 3, 4, 5.

First, count. Yes, counting is something everyone learns before kindergarten. That turns into: 

5 + 5

Adding. This is something we learn from first to third grade. It’s repeated counting, which makes addition. Then comes…


Multiplication, the repeated addition. We learn this from third to fourth grade and see that this is a more efficient form of adding repeated numbers. Then…


Exponents. Exponents are repeated multiplication. Although you can say that this is the end of the road for operations, there are more.


Tetration is repeated Exponentation. The problem above would be 5^5^5. As you keep on going, like this:



5^^…a lot…^^5

You can get a very large number, larger than any number you’ve probably ever been taught. Beyond the tetration, we may never know, but it’s fun just looking at the problem and looking at how huge it is. So, if you’re ever wondering what is the biggest number is  math symbolization, you know where to look.

Math’s Biggest numbers

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