Math’s Biggest Problem

Whatever happened to the biggest number of all time, turned into a messy problem, but this is even messier than messy. Math is perfect. Obviously, it wouldn’t be that perfect in arithmetic, but after pre-algebra, everything makes sense. There’s just one tiny (insert “sarcasm at its best” here)problem. 1/0.

When you look at 1/0, you just can’t see anything to put here. You just can’t describe it in just one word unless the word is impossible. However, there is a simpler picture to this.

Look at a division problem like this. How many 0’s are there in 1? Now you can see that infinity fits here because you can’t count infinity, it goes on forever, so this is why mathematicians call it an unknown answer. Plus, this would disallow any rule in math that you know.

Reverse 1/0 = infinity to 0*infinity = ? .Since infinity lasts forever, we could say the answer could be infinity or any number in the world, so the equation is debunked. Look at this too:

2/0 = infinity*2

Infinity times two is infinity, so:

2/0 = infinity

This would also be true for any number / 0. If you’re lost, then you should read more closely. I’ve tried some simple equations to see why there’s a huge hole in mathematics. So is 1/0 really infinity? What do you think?

Math’s Biggest Problem

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