Math’s Biggest Problem Pt 2

Last time, we began a conversation with 1/0. I tried to make proof that 1/0 = infinity, but, there are flaws.

1. 1/0 could be negative infinity.

2. 0*infinity would be 0

There are still loose end on the story, so, I’ll get started again.

First issue: it could be negative infinity.

1/0 = -infinity?

I’m sorry, but I just can’t accept that as an answer. The 1 is positive. How many zeroes will it take to reach one? Negative infinity? No, because it would go to -1. So, that’s what I think on the first issue.

Second issue: 0 x infinity still is 0.

We know that, but in order to get to one, it will take a forever amount of number of zeroes to get to one, so, since we can’t count it, we say that that’s infinity. If it is too confusing, then look at it this way. If you have an infinite amount of nothing,  then there’s something.

Thanks for reading, and I’ll add this to the first part in a new post.

Math’s Biggest Problem Pt 2

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