Why 0 has the title for smallest numbers in 1st, 2nd, 3rd and so on

Zero. This number may be the best math discovery of all time. It is so useful and it’s a conversation worth 45 minutes of your time. But, here’s a theory I have. 0 is the smallest positive number, and he has from 1st to, well, infinityth, if you get what I mean.

First, I know that decimals can go on forever. Any digit can be added to the decimal to create a new decimal. If you put infinity zeroes and add a one behind that, you get…

0.000000000  …*  00001

*the … in the number means infinity zeroes are in between the numbers before and after it.

If there is infinity zeroes between the zero in the ones place and the one in the last place, then you’r never going to reach that one, so you might just say that’s zero. The same goes for 0.000…*002 and 0.0000…*0003 and so on. So I realized that there are infinite numbers between numbers, and between those are infinite numbers in those numbers and so on. This concept has already been discovered though. I know it, just I don’t know who.

So when you think of zero now, what do you think? Now I think about the trophy case zero must have. First positive number to be a negative number, and the infinite prize trophy on his smallest numbers zero has. Like an infinite room! So whenever a friend asks you about the smallest numbers in the world except for zero, just say, “Zero, zero, zero, and zero!” and grin at their faces as they look at you in confusion.

Why 0 has the title for smallest numbers in 1st, 2nd, 3rd and so on

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