The recent popularity of drones through the past few years has been a very useful espionage tool, as well as a household toy. My family has a drone as a tool. But there are various laws that may be broken due to security and privacy. Here are reasons why:

If you were a criminal about to rob someone, and you were trying to plan where should you enter, using a drone would be a great idea. One, drones will usually have the option to take photos, like windows, security cameras, and so on. Two, It’s a small sized flying object. Not many people will notice a drone flying around their house. Three, The drone can go pretty high, and although it can have very short battery life, they can fly pretty high, so no one can really see it going from the house to your house.

The next reason why it is toying with governments around the world, is that citizens have access to something that might invade other citizen’s privacy. With secret government moves have featured drones for espionage to scout other countries, this may cause an unfriendliness between the two countries, which could spark a global war, because of organizations around the world such as NATO, the European Union, the UN, and more. If two countries just get into just an argument, they could declare war, then other world countries would just choose sides to their desire. Just look at reasons why WWI and WWII were sparked out. It was from just one move to try to get land or a single murder that sparked a global war.

Drones may be a trend, but maybe in the next few years things will change about the drone’s true identity,  about being a man-made flying saucer, or a dirty espionage tool.When that time comes, here are the reasons why drones could maybe turn form trend to trap.


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