Our Short-Lived Earth

You think that the earth will probably still be standing, even though probably a billion years go by, which you won’t be alive to see. However, this assumption would not be correct. Here’s why:

First, we must start by looking at a star’s lifetime. First, debris and atoms combine to create a star. As more atoms gather in, the star is young it can start priducing the elements on the periodic table. When it gets older, which would be from a few million years to about a lot of hundred thousand of years, depending on the star. Our sun is in the middle stage. However, when the star gets older, it turns huge, huger than what it was in the middole stage, and it makes heavier elements, from boron to iron, but once it reaches iron, the star starts to go in explosion mode. It starts to go out of control, until, boom. The star has released the debris and elements it created. If the star is big enough, it can cause a supernova, a huge explosion that could create a black hole, a hole so dense and gravitational, even light cannot break it.

So, the Earth will only survive a couple hundred thousand years or so, until the earth gets too hot for us because the sun has gotten too close to us.

These are the facts that make the sun look more dangerous and it looks like the earth is a toaster no matter what. So, whenever a friend tells you when the earth will die, just say, “You shouldn’t worry about it, you’ll be dead by the time it comes.”  and wait for a response of disagreement.

Our Short-Lived Earth

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