The Storm

Chapter 1

9 PM, D-1

The stars in the sky, so bright, and yet still, Wesley couldn’t sleep.

Two weeks ago, the storm came flying into the state of Florida, and right on Tallahassee, was the dead middle, the eye of the storm. A day later, storming winds came flying. After a few days, the storm passed with devastating effects. Nobody had ever seen such a storm in their lifetime.

However, the storm was coming back.

After destroying the likes of Atlanta and Ocean City, Maryland, it was coming back to Tallahassee after making an unexpected turn, and they needed to run, before the storm fell over them, which was more lethal, and ready to blow away any person that was in its range.

It was coming tomorrow, he just realized it. He packed his car with his wallet, phone, spare food, travel pillow, blanket, and his phone charger, and off he went.

… 9:13 PM, D-1

Tyler had seen the storm and did not like to see the effects and the “What do we do now?” call.

He was a motivational speaker, and hated to see the people’s lost hope. He wished he could just stand up and talk, but he didn’t have his microphone with him, so, long lost thought.

He had yet to escape to the west, and he did so. Getting only his phone, wallet, charger, and food, he went off on his car.

… 8:20 PM CT, D-1

Lily had already lived in the state of Texas, but planned to move to Florida. So nice and cozy there. The U-Haul truck had arrived, and it was time to go.

Bringing only one last thing with her in her car, food, phone, and charger.

… 11 PM ET, D-1

Wesley had thought that they would at least get out of Florida before he would lose out of fuel, but they did. The worst part, the car’s side mirror was crushed by another car in the middle of the road.

The car that had broken his side mirror took a u-turn towards Wesley’s car and stopped. The man driving the car got out of the car.

That’s when Wesley met Tyler.

The Storm

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