Chapter 2

11 PM,  D-1

“Whoops! I’m sorry, I want to get out of the storm but-”

“It’s okay. I mean, if we’re going out of town for the same thing, why don’t I go in your car?” Wesley asked. “Here’s my stuff. Do you think you can load it in your car?”

“Yeah, sure. By the way, my name’s Tyler,” he said.

“I am Wesley,” Wesley replied.

“We have to get out of here, and fast, so let’s leave your car here for now. At least you’ll be still alive when the storm passes.”

…  12 AM, D-2

Lily was ready to head to Florida as the next state she visited, but got lost in the driveway, and took a wrong u-turn.

“Surely this is the way… I don’t know any directions!”

As she went down the wrong lane, she went north west and headed for Arkansas, not Florida.

… 2 AM, D-2

As Tyler and Wesley went at the gas station to take a supper break, they decided that they were in the safe zone but decided to play it safe by going all the way to Kansas, where the storm was not expected to go to until a week, which then they could go back to Florida.

Tyler kept driving while Wesley took a nap, just in case Tyler got tired on the way to their next stop, Oklahoma.

When Tyler got tired, they were about at northern Texas, so they were pretty close. Wesley switched his phone, and off they went again.

… 3 AM, D-2

As Lily headed towards Oklahoma after driving the wrong way, she was lost and did not know where to go, because her phone did not have the LTE like most phones did have.

A supper break at McDonalds told her all she needed to know.

“You’re at the wrong state. This is Oklahoma, not Florida,” the server told Lily.

“Well, then, I should just hang out here and sleep in my car and wait tomorrow.”

Then she heard it:

“We have to get to Kansas before Florida gets crushed, then we have time to go back to Florida  before it hits Kansas!”

“What?” she thought in her head. Were they saying that Florida was going to be crushed somehow? Then she remembered: the storm!

She went up to the two men and asked them, “Can I come with you to Kansas?”

“Well, of course you can. We need as much help as we can get.”

“This is Wesley, and I’m Tyler.”

“Let’s go. We have to get to Kansas as fast as we can.”

Chapter 2

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