Chapter 3

5:00 AM, D-2

“So, how did you guys get together anyways? Are you two friends or family or something?”

“No to the family part. However, you could say yes to the friends, if it wasn’t 11 PM .” Wesley said.

As Wesley, Lily, and Tyler drove to the next destination, Lily wanted to know them better by, well, asking them questions. However the radio interrupted saying:

“The hurricane has landed on Florida. It may be heading for the state of Kansas in a day, but it is very unpredictable, so we don’t know where it will hit next.”

“Let’s go more north than Kansas, Let’s go to New York. The GPS says that it should be about 10 AM when we arrive, so let’s take a good rest break at Nebraska. We should sleep till about 9AM.” Tyler declared.

… 6:00 AM, D-2

George Pallet was stuck in his office, building a nuke. He was about to send another hurricane off. He wanted to see suffering happen to the people so he could craft an upset to the US presidency. However, nobody knew who he was. He lived, for his lifetime, in a house in the sky.

“Ah… I’m done. And these folks, especially those three,” he pointed to a picture, “are going down.”

… 9:13 AM, D-2

“Ah… The freshness of day. I love it!”

Wesley, in the passenger back seat, enjoyed his ride by raving about how great sunshine is.

“Don’t you think it’s great? Huh, Tyler?”

“Yeah, I guess,” Tyler sighed.

Tyler, in the driver’s seat, was very bored. He couldn’t find anything to really do.

“Hey, Wesley, why don’t you have any games on your phone? Games are a real time killer.”

Lily was the binge gamer. Lily loved gaming, and she loved games.

“Have you ever heard of even Minecr-”


Chapter 3

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