Chapter 4

10 AM, D-2

The boom went and everyone was scared. However, when everything ended, it seemed okay. Lily went on to drive next, and she wasn’t feeling anything bad, just fine and cozy inside with the distraction, and she wasn’t really going to tell anyone that the boom scared her.

2 PM, D-2

If you’ve ever seen New York before, it’s huge, and, according to Wesley, does not need any type of explanation to tell you how great the city is.

“We should book a hotel at Manhattan and stay there. Let’s go!”

Lily, like her games, liked to go to hotels. She loved how there were lots of things in there and the beautiful facilities. She loved them all.

“I’ll be back with more things we might need for our trip, and you two should take a shower. You smell!” Lily announced.

Wesley took a shower and ordered a lemonade, steak, and a piece of strawberry shortcake. Tyler, meanwhile, took Sprite, chicken wings, and cookies.

… 2:13 PM, D-2

Paige Hastings was a woman of her kind. She had gone for George Pallet to marry him, saw him build a NUCLEAR BOMB and Paige went to leap out of the sky and go parachute into the world in terror. What was he thinking of doing? Her answer came a few days after that incident, when a hurricane arrived at her house in Tennessee. She went to NYC, and remembered those words that George had said to her.

“My worst enemies… they’ll pay, and I’ll see them fall in terror, and I’ll get them in jail. Lily, Wesley, and Tyler.”

Paige had found out that they were also in New York City, and she found them in the Marriot hotel when Lily went shopping. Paige decided to book a room right now, and she went and rushed to the elevator as it closed.

Lily went to floor 14, and, apparently, Paige was too. They both walked to their rooms, and Paige had the room right next to them.

“I’ll wait until another one is created. They’ll realize that after that, there isn’t much coincidence after that,” she spoke to herself.”

Chapter 4

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