Chapter 5

7 PM, D-2

Wesley thought of being a round-tripper was awful, but this was a thrill. He was having fun with every single thing, that he was actually glad that he left his car and his house and went with Tyler and Lily.

Lily bought food, a flashlight, and a first aid kit and they stored this in the car. This would be very useful when when they were hurt or they didn’t have much money left, but Tyler took some money out of his bank account to help with that problem, and Wesley did too.

Lily was a busy person, but in a different way. She was not busy doing work. She was actually busy doing artwork, which is strange for the average young adult. However, she worked as an artist. She thrived under the no pressure at home, because if you scrap a painting, then nobody will know you did.

Tyler was a professional soccer player who loved pressure. He got pumped up when any sort of game came up and thrived under the intramural games. He was only twenty, after all. He had this attitude that no one could stop him alone. He is adaptable and smart, as he passed AP Calculus in tenth grade.

Wesley was a teacher who earned a lot of money. He was a graduate of his high school with the valedictorian title and he was a young high school teacher who earned $132 a week. When the summer began, he took a vacation. However, this was more than a vacation. This was adventure to him, and the amazing things, going on forev-


“Hello? Come in!”

Paige opened the door and told Wesley, “Okay, I have a lot to tell you, and I think this will decide your fate in life, so listen carefully.”

“Uh, I don’t get what you’re saying at all,” Wesley replied bluntly.

“Look, someone is hunting you down, along with your friends. His name is George Pallet,” she informed.

That name got his nerves up. George Pallet? He had heard that name somewhere…

“He wants to be the president of the USA, and he is some guy. He lives in the skies-”

“In the skies? You know what, I don’t really believe a word you say, so get out of my hotel room now.”

Paige had sighed. Her plan failed after all. They would be found and be killed. Unfortunate for them.

But there still was that one chance…



Chapter 5

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