Chapter 7

12 PM, D-3

George was on a roll working on two nukes at once. He planned to drop them on both sides of the country and then start his own independent party.

The three obstacles he knew that they could stop him were very dangerous to his chances. He knew his chances, but everyone would start favoring anyway. He had an IQ of 196 and beat a chess master in just 24 moves.

He predicted the next day and knew what his best case scenario would be. He decided to do those in early.

1 PM, D-3

“You again?”

Wesley had found Paige, the girl who got on his nerves in that hotel, and here she was at a Wendy’s! He decided to tell her things.

“What is with you and following us? Are you on some kind of espionage or something?”

“Well, if you knew the truth. Look, you met George Pallet in middle school, didn’t you?”

Wesley now remembered! George Pallet was his good friend in seventh grade, and so was Tyler and Lily. It was all coming back to him now!

“Yes, so what about him?”

“He’s used nukes to send two hurricanes to the eastern US and might continue to drop down! We have to stop him before he reaches his end goal!”

“What’s that goal?”

“The US presidency, then world domination. Also, that boom you heard at 10 AM yesterday. That was the nuke drop.”

“Can you come with us in our car? We’ll need survival and a chance to win by taking someone knowledgeable like you.”

2 PM, D-3

Paige had explained every thing to Tyler and Lily and they seemed to get it as well.

“Hey, I think I know you now! He’s the kid that said-”

“Okay, but we have the goal now. To stop an evil mastermind that is an old friend who’s trying to dominate the world.”

“Let’s go!”

Chapter 7

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