Chapter 8

8 PM, D-3

Atlanta, GA

At a McDonalds

It had taken a while to set a plan to take down George Pallet, and the four did not know his next move, so it was impossible to find what his next move would be, until the noise happened.


“There it goes again. He drops another nuke, and we’ll have to get to Canada soon!” Lily exclaimed.

YouTube was a good way to check on the conspiracies surrounding the booms and the multiple hurricane. The most accurate one came from the one guy who mention nukes being dropped from a foreign country who wanted to go to war with the US of A, but not directly at their faces.

“Hey, this guy’s is interesting. Maybe George was born somewhere else and came to the US to study, then back-stab us. That would be a good explanation why.”

“Let’s get driving before the hurricane comes towards us.”

“Paige, you first? We’ll get resting while you’re driving.”

“Okay. I’m on it.”

2 AM, D-4

Miami, FL

The amazing thing was that every move that they did, George knew where they were. However, they knew that he was going to DC this time. The reason why was because the next morning and the news.


“Well, he dropped it on DC, right in the Pentagon! What an insult!” Tyler said, disgustingly.

“He’s going for the presidency. He’s announcing it today, and this is unexpected for the normal people around the world.” Wesley replied.

The chance was close to 1 to 10000.

And maybe, they thought, that 1 was all he needed.

Chapter 8

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