Chapter 9

6 AM, D-4

Lily woke from a four hour sleep and turned the radio on and saw a presidential debate on who were their top candidates for their party. Republicans chose Mitt Romney, John Kasich, and Donald Trump, and the Democrats selected Bernie Sanders, and Hillary Clinton. But one party was different from the rest. The third party to have a say was from the American Worker’s party, which elected…

George Pallet?

Wesley, Tyler, and Paige just woke at 6:13, and just saw that George was being president. And look at the party. American Workers? It looked strikingly familiar from another country. Then it hit Tyler.

“I know what he’s trying to do.” Tyler said.

“What, Tyler? What’s your point when we’re still stunned here?”

“He’s trying to copy the Nazis, and he’s gonna rig the laws to do that.”

7 AM, D-4

The manager looked at George. They had made it through the hardest part: the forging and lying of his birth country and an age rig. He had done it, and it was only his first part of his plan.

He decided to take a walk with George. George was a fantastic evil-doer. He had not seen a villain like that before. He hired him to try to become the most powerful man in the world, then become dethroned by him in an election, and this was a great start.

“Well, you have done great. Here’s the 80 grand that I promised.”

“Thanks, boss.”

7:12 AM, D-4

Paige went on a walk with Tyler only, and they saw the world and observed it.

“People are not careful, and they do not bother to see the real inside. So with that in mind, they don’t see what will happen to their future if they choose the wrong road,” Paige said.

“I agree. Plus, I am certain that most people have little definition of common sense to them, and because you have opened my eyes to help me understand the world in a different way, I thank you,” Tyler replied.

“Let’s go back, they’ll be waiting for us.”

“No, we’ll stay here for a little longer. OK?”


Chapter 9

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