Chapter 10

12 PM, D-4

Wesley, Lily, Paige, and Tyler looked to go to Washington D. C. as fast as they could to avoid any risks and waiting. With the thought of the mindset of Wesley and Lily when they thought of this when Tyler and Paige were outside.

“George can’t attack us in the capital of the country, or it’s going to look suspicious. We should move quickly when we have a chance.”

With that thought in mind, Lily was driving, Wesley was in the front, and Paige and Tyler were in the back.

“Are you sure you don’t want the front seat?” Wesley asked.

“We’re fine,” they said at the same time.

“There’s something going on between you too. Tell me,” he insisted.

“It’s nothing,” Tyler replied.

They were on track to go to DC at about 12 AM.

7 PM, D-4

“What?! How many roads are being worked on?” Wesley exclaimed while driving.

There was only one way to DC, and it was going to increase their trip time by three hours, which was not gong to help at all.

“Boss, we have sent the four to the longest direction. Prepare the O. T, in DC, please,” the worker reported to the manager.

“Yes, this is perfect. Now their plans will backfire on them, as they die! Hahahahaha!” the manager cackled, as the plans ahead were perfect.

Just perfect.



Chapter 10

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