Chapter 12

6 AM, D-5

The crew had arrived at Washington, DC. With money, they bought an apartment to stay for the next year. When they arrived, they had checked out of the apartment, about to go to the third floor, but then…


Something had flew into the apartment, and as they rushed out, they had realized what had happened.

“This is 9/11 part two!” Tyler realized.

As people were storming out, they got in the car and drove away as far as to the Washington Monument, 5 miles from their apartment.


The Washington Monument had been struct as well with an airplane.

“What did I tell you guys? We’ve got to get out!”

They arrived at the apartment building, and everything had been trimmed to the tenth floor, but they could still live there.

“Let’s plan our next move. Let’s go!”

10 AM, D-5

Wesley and Lily went out to see the White House and meet with the president for a talk.

“Okay!” the president said. “Come on in. I want to know about these coincidences that have been happening here.”

“So, tell me. What’s going on?”

Wesley stood up. “You know George Pallet, right? The guy in the American Workers Party?”

“Yes. I know him.”

“I think he’s planning to dominate the world!” Wesley said with a worried accent at the end.

Everyone froze. The cameras were flashing, and everyone was silent until the president spoke.

“Why do you think this?”

“Well, here’s why…” Wesley explained.

He explained all the evidence to give. He had a photo of the sky picture from Paige and the nuclear bomb he had.

“Okay. That was a lot of good evidence, but it will take time to see if his plan is correct.”

“So, what are you planning?” Lily asked.

“I’ll tell you…”


Chapter 12

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