Computers > Humans?

So, you’ve heard that computers are smarter than humans because they can predict your phrase by using just two words and do multiplication facts faster than you can and can you fly? That spells Y-E-S for computers. They sound and look smarter that us, but here’s why you shouldn’t believe so.

If you aren’t one of the billions in the world without a computer or a phone, you know how these mind-readers are incredible at doing things that you can’t. However, do you know who programmed the computer you are holding, or using right now to view this message?

You guessed it: a person who was smart enough to know how to make the computer do what it wanted it to.

So, that theory of having  that text message saying:

computer brain > your brain #obviously

Would be broken. The humans who programmed that device you hold and use every day have been programmed by a person who saw the outline to make the future of their devices by them, and they wanted to grab the history book and cross out the things that human didn’t like, and republish it with the new version. That’s just what I do here. I first publish, then see that itty-bitty mistake I make, fix it, then republish with the New Post 1.1!

So the next time that text message  we said about 60 words ago pops up on your phone, text back:

who programmed ur phone?

and if you get a human’s name, text back:

(that person’s name)’s brain > computer brain

Computers > Humans?

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