Chapter 13

8 PM, D-5

That evening, the news were shocked to see so much evidence from just a regular person who wasn’t even a lawyer. Letters were sent from everywhere, saying that they could take him as a lawyer, and the social media? Well, that got worse.

Everyone was making memes and saying the “big surprise” reaction and the “#POTUSwhatisgoingon?” were getting to the point where people were banned from social media for a month.

The USA were in chaos after the huge apartment destroy and the Washington “Monumental Drift,” as they called it. Nearly one thousand people were killed, and thousands more injured.

Wesley was tired of it. So was Lily. Just one conversation, one lucky break, and one disaster had turned them into the most famous people of all-time.

Tyler and Paige thought they had the very lucky break, but they did instead, as nobody except some neighbors knew him, but they knew that the word would get out that Tyler and Paige were Wesley and Lily’s friend.

5 AM, D-6

“What?!” the manager screamed with fury.

“Yes, we have been disqualified from the competition. So, we’re just going to have to take them down with military forces. We can do it!” the worker said.

“I personally like that idea, James,” George replied with a charm. “I do have an arsenal in my back, Trevor.”

“Whatever. But you HAVE to do it so I get ALL THE POWER! OK?!” Trevor screamed with rage.

“Dude, calm down,” George replied. “We always have plan B, C, D, and E, OK?”


Chapter 13

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