Chapter 14

6 AM, D-5

“What now? This isn’t over. Look, they had the ‘American Workers party’, which could’ve turned out to be the Azi’s, and now they’re going for a nuke attack on DC. We should go quickly.”

It would take them about 6 hours to get to a safe place in New York State, like a valley. This time went quickly and when they arrived, the bomb blew.

12 PM, D-5

“This is a disaster! The whole city has been tore down! This is the work of some foreign country, I know it. This is an outrage. I think we should leave it to the government for this problem. I’m-”

“Well, I’m surprised that many people didn’t die! Only 4, that’s amazing!” Wesley exclaimed while reading data from the NBS news website.

“Still, America will never be the same again. We must start a war on the foreign country who did this. We will strike back, like we have done so many times, from World War 2, to the War on Terror!” Tyler replied with a passion.

“I’ll look it up.” Lily said.

As she looked up lot’s of images up on her screen, typing very quickly to find her correct source. Then, she found it.

“Yes!” Lily exclaimed.

“What did you find?” demanded Paige.

“George Pallet is from Germany!” Lily grinned.

“Germany? I thought Germany were our allies.” Wesley asked.

“Well, we can’t trust anyone now, except for the USA and you guys, and I learned that from George Pallet himself.” Tyler replied.

“Yes, we have learned that from him. That we can thank him for. But we have a demolished capitol. What now?” Paige demanded.

“Well, we should hold that back until we can get our nation to a regroup. It’s going to be a hard task.” Lily warned.

Chapter 14

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