Chapter 16

8 AM, D-10

“Okay, go to Shanksville, PA, where a plane crashed there on 9/11. Okay?” Paige asked.

“Got it. We will start going there.” Lily replied back from the car.

“I just hope that they’ll be okay. I mean, if you look at how tough it’s been for us, I think anybody could go and freak out. But we’re different.” Tyler added on.

As Paige kept typing on the computer for code, Tyler went outside to see the outside.

It was warm, and nearly no one lived here. It was fresh air and Tyler played the sport he hadn’t for months.

He kicked the soccer ball, over and over, and kept getting faster and faster, until he sprinted, and he went pretty fast. He went nearly 15 miles per hour, and had amazing stamina, which would help him in sticky situations.

Paige appeared and took a shot at the basketball hoop. It swooshed through the net.

“Hey, you’re a good player. Played before?” Tyler asked.

“I am a former pro basketball player. I’ve gotten a bit old, so I can’t play very good, but I still have strength left.” Paige replied.

She dribbled from about 25 feet out, then bounced the ball toward the hoop. As she caught the ball in mid-air, she went for a layup, performed a windmill motion, then threw the ball up to the hoop.


“Oh, we’ve got a message. Let’s see…” Tyler said.

“We’ve arrived at Shanksville. We retained a piece of paper. Now, next place?” Lily had typed.

“Go to World Trade Center in NYC, OK?” Tyler shouted into the walkie-talkie.

“Okay.” Wesley replied.


Chapter 16

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