Chapter 17

12 PM, D-10

“I have this teleportational device in this car. I’ll send the paper to you.”


The paper had arrived at her hands. It said:


1 4 2b 6b 7a 4    4a 5   9a 7a 4 1b 4a 7a

“This is a hard code to crack. The first line doesn’t look like a code at all. In fact, it looks like a guide to the code.” Paige wondered.

“Ah! The above line is the key to the code below! 1 is b, and 2 is c, and so on!” Tyler exclaimed.

“That means the code is ‘beware of trevor’.” Paige frowned.

“Maybe there is a secret ally that made the letter and sent it there.” Tyler said.

“But who is this Trevor we’re talking about?” Paige asked.

No response from Tyler, as he searched his memory again.

Chapter 17

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