Chapter 18

5 PM, D-10

“We found the World Trade Center, and we found a paper pyramid at the bottom. Here it is again, and we’re going to the Pentagon next.” Lily announced.

“Okay, you got the all clear!” Paige replied.

A pyramid dropped to her right hand. It was made by folding, so she unfolded it.

It said:

Dear George,

You are the greatest bad guy I have ever seen. Can I hire you?


“Wow, this is blunt. Very blunt, in fact. But now I know who Trevor is now. He’s the bad guy that hired George! It’s perfect!”

“What were you saying there?” Tyler asked.

“Trevor is the boss of George Pallet!” Paige exclaimed.

“What? Th-Th-that can’t be p-possible, can it?” Tyler stammered.

Paige then grabbed the walkie-talkie, saying, “We found who this Trevor is. It’s George’s boss.”

“That’s a fantastic amount of evidence! Now we may have enough to take him down, but we need a plan,” Lily replied quickly.

“Okay,” Paige said to both Tyler and Lily, “I have a good plan. We just need to set it up. Come back. We don’t need an extra evidence point.”

“You got it!” Lily responded. “I’ll see you at the village house! We plan for it to take about one more hour, so I’ll see you then. Bye!”

“Right back at you.”

7 PM, D-10

“So, we need a plan. We know who everyone is and how they want the world to be. Everything is right in place. However, well.. We need a base,” Tyler said.

“Maybe there are more than just us that want to join the ‘club’. I mean, there are now lots of people who now think that George is bad, and they don’t know who’s pulling the strings,” Wesley replied.

“Then, we’ll use this huge land to start with. We can always build up from it,” Lily said.

“I’ll look for good candidates in the morning. How many do you want?” Paige asked.

“As many as you can find,” Lily replied.

12 AM, D-11

Cling! Cling!

Tyler was a hard worker, never resting until it was done. For the base build, it was the same. He kept working so it was bomb-proof, and the whole structure had been built around the house.


He had finished putting up the huge dome over their whole house and backyard. It was pretty spectacular.

Lily and Wesley were working on the living quarters. They made beds, fridge, and a do-it-yourself computer for about quarters for four each, which they had made 10 quarters.

“Now, let’s work on the bottom part of the house, which is the workplace. It’s digging time!” Wesley exclaimed.

“Oh, that’s great.” Lily replied sarcastically.


Chapter 18

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