Chapter 19

8 AM, D-11

“Hey, Lily, I’m taking my break now, okay?” Wesley said while his eyelid drooping down.

“Yes. Now, get rest, as you’ll need it.” Lily replied with energy.

Tyler had took a break at 1, Lily took one at 4, and now it was Wesley’s turn. Paige was at the recruit-grabbing job.

In a very short time, the four built 5 basement floors. One was the HQ, where everyone’s plans could be heard. It had three rooms with a table in each with fifteen chairs so everyone could sit.

Another was a food court, where people would make their own food their own way with the payment of money, of course.

Another was a computer lab, where everyone could play games, but are restricted to websites with safe games and social media networks so people didn’t just text something then George read it, which had a secret plan in it, so that leads to a new uh-oh.

Another is a shower room, where you can wash yourself and go to the bathroom and take a sauna, and so on.

The final basement floor is the lounge, where there are video games on game consoles, a chat room, a pool table, a bar, a basketball hoop with a half-court, a soccer field also half-court, and a tennis court.

The base was a comfortable place to be. Wesley, Lily, and Tyler couldn’t wait until Paige came back.

12 PM, D-11

“I’m back!”

“Is it Paige?”


“Okay, I’ll open it.”

Thirty people entered the room wondering what they will see.

Chapter 19

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